The congener of “Hospital” is parts of the “medicinal” sub category as part of the “peaty” head category.

For an overview one can look at this page on the “the good scents company” website. This website does not have a “peaty” congener, but it does have one for “medicinal”. This page lists many chemical compounds that are considered to describe the congener of “Medicinal”.

Since posting the blogs about “TCP” and “Germoline” I have decided to not put to much effort in tying to find out how the congener of “hospital” is part of the whisky making process.

It’s not like the distillers drive to a hospital, scoop “some” up, and add it to the mash, or the kiln ….

I am very sure that the reference is made to indicate the 1850 to 1990 smells of disinfectant used in hospitals in the United Kingdom and Scotland. Phenol based disinfectants to be more precise. So really old people may know this smell and the rest of us is left sorta guessing …

So next time you read “hospital” in an blog and the blogger is 19 … share the link to this blog and make em smile 😉