I was wondering something. I was wondering where the Bruichladdich Octomore Bottle comes from. I mean someone has to make it … right?

Right, someone does!

The bottle is made by the “Saverglass” company. The Saverglass company makes a very large variation of bottle designs. Companies like Remy do business with them but also companies like Ardbeg.

The bottle design used for the Octomore Bottles is called “Geisha”.

The product information of this bottle can be downloaded from the Saverglass website but I also have it available for download here: FICHE_GEISHA_5

The Geisha bottle is a Registered Design by Saverglass © : Design number 4124

Some technical information:

  • FINISH:  Plate
  • HEIGHT: 320.0 mm
  • WEIGHT: 810.0 gr
  • BASE SECTION: 67 mm

Plate is a reference to the flat finish of the top of the bottle.

The bottle can be bought in 50 cl, 70 cl, 75 cl and 100 cl volumes.

The manufactures describes the bottle as follows:

Geisha : a Japanese woman, trained from an early age to provide dancing, singing and conversation in tea houses and banquets. GEISHA asserts its Japanese inspiration through the subtle harmony between the sensuality of its curved silhouette and its sharp, narrow shoulder. Its fluid, slender lines are soothing and refined, endowing it with a delicate and magnetic singularity.

Why do I find this stuff interesting? I am an Engineer. I should find this stuff interesting. I you want to check out more bottles and see if your favorite whisky bottle is made at Saverglass you can check out the spirits line here.

for more information about the Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte, Octomore and The Bottanist bottles please check out this link: http://www.saverglass.com/en/your-project/success-stories/bruichladdich-whisky

If you want to see how a bottle is made you can check out the corporate movie

PS: if you are wondering who makes the cans? Crown Speciality Packaging UK does.