I forgot I had made my own blend of Springbank Distillery spirits! Great fun and also very very tasty! Go try it for yourself!

iLaddie Whisky Nerd

I have created my own bottling of a single malt blend of three single malts from the Springbank distillery! I got the idea from Ralfy after I was had seen two of his vlog’s. I thank Ralfy for the inspiration it have me to try something new.

The blend is made of:

  1. – Springbank 10 yo
  2. – Longrow, peated
  3. – Hazelburn 12 yo

I’m calling it “don’t panic”, blended by iLaddie (me)

I have let it combine for some time and tonight I poured myself a dram and tasted it!

It is wonderful! It seriously is. The nose has peat, vanilla, salt, raisin, floral notes, oak. Weird stuff! But good stuff! The whole tongue is activated from front to the side to the back! Even the back of the throat! So the arrival is pretty good! The taste is a combination of all kinds of notes that I seriously could…

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