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It is a well-known fact that Bruichladdich was generally producing unpeated whiskies for the latter half of the previous century, primarily due to its importance in several blends as well as the then owners’ desire to produce an Islay whisky without the infamous peaty and smoky notes.

While they may have had their reasons for doing this, the decision to do so brought with it a vertiable bucketload of scorn and criticism, the most apparent of which was that Bruichladdich wasn’t adhering to the proud Islay heritage of producing the smoky whiskies which were very much a part of the island’s DNA.

This practice continued until the turn of the millennium, when the distillery (which had lain silent from 1994 to 2001) was resurrected by Mark Reynier and Jim McEwan. Jim, who was born and raised on the island, was one of the many who felt that Bruichladdich needed to…

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