My desert island dram!


With a blogging handle of iLaddie then I only ever expected one choice of distillery for Rombout Mastenbroek’s nomination for a Desert Island Dram…

Which whisky would I choose? I would choose a2001 Bruichladdich Resurrection Dram.

This for me is the dram I should take with me if I were to take no other drams but one.

The choice of my blogger name “iLaddie” is a direct result of my respect and appreciation of this Bruichladdich spirit. The spirit in which this spirit became spirit is a spirit I highly appreciate. Add the “i” as a reference to a nerdy need to show I like Apple stuff and there you go! “iLaddie”!

The Classic Laddie dram by Bruichladdich is for me my favourite dram when it comes to everyday drinking drams. The Edition_01 versions of the Laddie are a step up from that and the ultimate version of this…

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