Orange is the new Black!

Bruichladdich introduced an Octomore Black Art today, the 22nd of Februari 2017. This Octomore has been part of the 2016 Feis Ile Masterclass that was given by Adam Hannett.

When Adam announced it a ripple of amazement went trough the audience as the realisation sank in. He hinted that it might get introduced. Now it has.

Today I was working and the newsletter from Bruichladdich popped up. I was expecting news about extra bottles of Laddiemp6, but it turned out to be Octomore Black Art, or OBA. Concept C_01, 3000 bottle release, 500 ml, 59.7 ABv!

If you listen to Adam closely on the youtube feed of Feis Ile Masterclass you learn this.

The first 10 yo Octomore was released in 2012 from the first Octomore distilled. Adam mentions  Black art Octomore had 2007 as the youngest put in. This means the black art Octomore was made from distillations between 2002 and 2007. So this Octomore Black Art is at least 10 and at the most 15 years old.

I ordered 2 minutes before I has to run to a meeting at work. Hardly realising what I had ordered. Tonight after putting the kids to bed I had time to read what I ordered. The realisation sank in and I ordered a second bottle!

And “Yes Adam!” I am going to be drinking mine, with friends!

New releases of Octomore seem to trigger huge traffic peaks along the Islay internet infrastructure. It crashed the Laddie server. Just as it did after Octomore LaddieMP6 was announced. Octomore does that! It’s part of the fun!

Cool Wallpaper!!


The graph below shows the onslaught around noon, when the newsletter went out.

A “slight” peak in traffic

Update 24 February 2017

The bottles are all sold at this moment in time, as can be seen on the web shop.