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Since I have been exploring the smells and tastes of whisky I have come around to some interesting ones.

In this blog I will try to keep track of the ones I do not recognize myself, since I am Dutch.

Since I am Dutch, the first thing that is hard for me to relate to from a taste point of view would be tastes that are only typically found in English, Scottish or Irish dishes.

Some of those tastes that I ran into during my viewing of the Bruichladdich LaddieMP3 online tasting were;

  • Christmas cake,
  • Red Medicine,

Christmas cake

My first reaction to the Christmas Cake tasting note in the full term sherry matured laddiemp3 was :”what!?!?”

Guys! Really! I haven’t got a clue what a Christmas cake is, let aside, how it would taste.

So what I did just now is Google it and I found a recipe on…

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