For my own personal used “only” I am posting the links to the Youtube Video’s of the Laddie MP2, LaddieMP3, LaddieMP4 and LaddieMP5.

In the future I will add notes to it as I re-re-re-watch the Video’s. As you learn you will find out that there are Hidden Messages and Secret insider things you can learn from Adam Hannett. That is why you should come back to the video’s again and again.

Laddiemp2 (Terroir / Quadruple Distillation)

Laddiemp3 (Bourbon / Sherry / Port)

My Laddiemp3 blog

Laddiemp4 (Component parts of Classic Laddie)

My Laddiemp4 blog

Laddiemp5 (Port Charlotte)

My laddiemp5 blog

Laddiemp6, Octomore