This is a blog entry that shows how to unbox a box. The box is given to me by the kind people of Typhoon Hospitality, who represent Highland Park in the Netherlands. Thank you Renee and Lisa!

The un-unboxed box

I will post another blog about what I learn from the 50 ml sample that was included in this gift. As I was typing this blog entry Steve Prentice of informed me that the bottle of Highland Park new make is also on it’s way.

This puts me in a position of comparing new make to this Fire Edition. How friggin cool is thát!

Normally unboxing video’s of a box are good for millions of hits. That is, if you are called Ryan and if you are unboxing toys.

This box is naturally not a toy. It is a serious dram intended to explore and learn nerdy whisky stuff due to.

The box contained a leather patch, a red candle, a business card from Lisa, a booklet telling all about the background of this Dram. It also contained a steel “Thingy”. I am an engineer, but I have absolutely no clue what the cool looking steel thingy is.

Next to all these goodies the box also contained a wrapped bottle!

The bottle is naturally a 50 ml sample of the Highland Park Fire Edition Single Malt, at 45,2% ABv.

A Cool Gift

This gift will allow me to sample a dram that is beyond my personal (monthly) budget, so I am very glad I am able to try it and share my thoughts. Together with the Highland Park New Make I was send by Steve I will be able to get a Nerd Idea what the cask influence was.

This will help me in the investigation I am doing to try to formulate the influence of sherry casks. I had set out to do this with the Highland Park Tasting Collection, but adding the Fire Edition to the comparison will only add to the experience.

Thank you Renee and Lisa! I look forward to all I can learn from this excellent Gift!!

As a side note: With this gift the Highland Park Fire Edition will be getting 5 but maybe 10 point for “best bribe” according to the rules set out for the 2017 Whisky Nerd Awards.