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The title of this blog is naturally not true, since a Bourbon is very different from a Scotch Whisky, but what I mean to say is that I want to find out if the “wood-influence” of American Oak is comparable between a “New American Oak” barrel, a “Ex Sherry” American Oak barrel and a “Ex Bourbon” American Oak barrel.

I had given myself a task. A tast to compare three drams. Why? To see if I could find out if “Sherry” matured Scotch Whisky is somehow more like Bourbon than like Sherry. I tasted a “PX Sherry” just for the sake of tasting actueel Sherry.

My theory behind all this is mentioned in two other blogs but this blog is to actually taste the different drams and compare them side by side.

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The drams I compared are:
  • Koval, Bourbon
  • Compass Box, The Circus
  • Corsair…

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