I have made a listing of the drams that are nominees for the 2016, annual, global, iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards 2016.

The iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards span across the Globe, from New Make to Scotch to Rye, to Bourbon to blends. The awards are not given for the best tasting dram only. In fact it is the fourth criteria in these awards. The four criteria for the selection of the winners are:

  1. How much did I learn due to this dram?
  2. How much fun did I have while drinking it?
  3. How much effort did the Distillery make to bribe me?
  4. How did I like the dram?

As indicated in the rules that govern this election all drams I got / bought and drank in 2016 are nominated.

The nominees are:

Brand Name Casktype Distilleries
Ardmore Legacy Quarter Casks Finish Ardmore
Bowmore Small Batch Bourbon Cask Matured Bowmore
Bruichladdich #LADDIEMP4 – 2005 Bourbon Cask Bruichladdich
Bruichladdich #LADDIEMP4 – 2006 Ex-Bourbon + Sherry Cask Finish Bruichladdich
Bruichladdich #LADDIEMP4 – 2008 French ex-Syrah (Red Wine) Cask Bruichladdich
Bruichladdich 2001 Rum Bruichladdich
Bruichladdich Laddie Classic Edition_01 American Oak Cask Bruichladdich
Bruichladdich PHD_135 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon, Sherry & French Wine Bruichladdich
Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Bruichladdich
Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie – 2 Glass Gift Pack Bruichladdich
Bruichladdich The Laddie Ten Bruichladdich
Buffalo Trace 1998 #4 Charred White Oak Barrels Buffalo Trace Distillery
Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Charred American Oak Barrels Buffalo Trace Distillery
DenHool 2010 1st Refill Bourbon & PX Sherry Casks Zuidam Distillery
Dimple 15-year-old Dimple
Elijah Craig 12-year-old New American White Oak Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.
Enlightenment NAS CB Compass Box
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Port Wood Finish Glenmorangie
Hazelburn 12-year-old Oak Casks Springbank
Islay Christmas Edition CWC Sherry Cask Finish Laphroaig
Journeyman Distillery Corsets, Whips and Whisky Journeyman Distillery
Journeyman Distillery Featherbone Bourbon Journeyman Distillery
Journeyman Distillery Last Feather Rye Fresh American White Oak Barrels Journeyman Distillery
Journeyman Distillery Ravenswood Rye American Oak Journeyman Distillery
Journeyman Distillery W.R. Whiskey Journeyman Distillery
Kilchoman Machir Bay Ex-Bourbon Barrels & Oloroso Sherry Butts Kilchoman
Koval Four Grain KOVAL Distillery
Koval Four Grain KOVAL Distillery
Koval Millet Heavy Charred New American Oak Barrel KOVAL Distillery
Koval Millet American Oak Cask KOVAL Distillery
Koval Single Barrel – Bourbon #4 Charred American White Oak Barrel KOVAL Distillery
Koval Single Barrel – Rye #4 Charred American White Oak Barrel KOVAL Distillery
Lagavulin 08-year-old Refill American Oak Casks Lagavulin
Lagavulin 16-year-old Lagavulin
Laphroaig 10-year-old Laphroaig
Laphroaig Select Laphroaig
Longrow Peated Springbank
Noah’s Mill 15-year-old New Charred American Oak Barrels Willett Distillery
Oak Cross The Signature Range CB 1st Fill Bourbon & Oak Cross Casks Compass Box
Octomore 10-year-old First Fill Bourbon, Grenache Blanc Casks Bruichladdich
Octomore Edition 07.1 / 208 American Oak Bruichladdich
Port Charlotte 10-year-old Bruichladdich
Port Charlotte Cask Exploration 11 VDN Bruichladdich
Roundstone Rye 92 Proof Catoctin Creek Distillery
Roundstone Rye Cask Proof Catoctin Creek Distillery
Springbank 10-year-old Springbank
The Circus Blended Scotch Whisky Compass Box
The Spice Tree The Signature Range CB American Oak / French Oak Compass Box
Triple Smoke Corsair Artisan Distillery
Turv Exloo Prime Virgin Oak Cask Turv Exloo Distillery
Willett 03-year-old New White Oak Barrels Kentucky Bourbon Distillers

** The entry of Turv Exloo Prime Whisky is controversial, since it is not a whisky aged 3 years, but a “new make” / “Prime”  aged 3 months. Since the list also includes Bourbon and Rye Whiskey’s ages shorter than 3 years I decided to keep the Turv Exloo Prime “whisky” in the list of nominees.

In the coming week I will score these drams according to the governing rules I drew up.

Ps: there is still time to score extra points on the third criteria. If distilleries wish to actively bribe me please contact me via Twitter or email. The Bribe period closes at 12 midnight at the turn of the year!  😂😜