Bruichladdich has released the second edition of ten year old malts. The distillery had organised a twitter tasting and it was great fun following the #tenstroika tag.

One of the drams that was tasted online was the Octomore.

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The tasting notes for this dram were interesting. Why? The wood profile for the maturation of this dram is a combination of Fresh Bourbon and Grenache Blanc casks. The exact combination I have not been able to find (yet).

Some of the tasting notes during the twitter tasting were:

  • #tenstroika Octomore palate.. peat with a little peat and possibly a hint of peat..
  • loads of cask sweetness, peppers, chili, pepper, light fruits coming through #tenstroika #bestofthetrio  #TENSTROIKA Octomore 10.2 nose: aaaaaahhh…And some Piet, liquorice root and… port wine?
  • #TENSTROIKA Octo Palate – here is the real power now. First hot peppers than creamy and fruity. Chocolate at finish Octomore10. Nose : Peaty caramel, candied orange peels. Kumquats.
  • #tenstroika @Bruichladdich Notes of parsnip, ginger, creamy vanilla and loads of fruits with a lovely fire going in the room. What a finish!  #tenstroika @Bruichladdich brown sugar, dark chocolate, herbs, lemon, vanilla, honey, fennel, cherries, red summer fruits… and much more..
  • #tenstroika Octomore 10 Nose: smoked weetabix with berries and cream. yes?
  • #TENSTROIKA Octomore, 10.2 – Hot peppers! And still a creamy mouth feel, fruity, banana peel, red apples, long, looong ashy finish. Love it.
  • Octomore OB 10y 16/248 N:ash,smoke,apple,vanilla P:ash,smoke,salmiak,sichuan pepper,lemon,black cardamom,clove. Spicy sour smoke #tenstroika #tenstroika Octomore 10 quite well mannered and not punchy at all despite the 57% 167ppm. Ash+smoke, yes, but rather spicy, no raw-alco-hit
  • Octomore 10 mouth #2: The smoke is more medicinal. Burnt toast & dark chocolate. The balance is superb. #tenstroika Octomore 10 mouth: beautiful. Marvellously silky texture. Tart redcurrants. Pontack sauce, balsamic vinegar, plum and blackberry#tenstroika Octomore 10 nose: plum jam & blackcurrants. Floral. Hoppy, cereal. Tobacco, cigars. Fruity coffee. Cognac. Honey or golden syrup #tenstroika

As one can see the notes are covering many areas of origins. Malt  influences, cask influences, maturation influences, but also cultural based influences. With that I mean that some notes do not translate well between cultures, because of differences in national cooking styles.

I for instance have no idea what candied orange peel smells like. That’s because I have never been confronted with candied orange peel in my parents or my own household.

Maltman Mike was so kind to send me a 20 ml sample of the Troika, including the Octomore. I was able to nose and taste the Octomore. Yes!

Without further ado, here are my nerd style notes. I use the Scotch Whisky Flavour Wheel as basis. M is for taste / mouth. N is for nose.

Head Sub Descriptors Octomore 10
A: Peaty 1. Burnt Ash n / m
A: Peaty 2. Smokey Smoked cheese n
B: Grainy 1. Cereal Leathery n / m
B: Grainy 1. Cereal Tobacco n
B: Grainy 2. Malt Malted barley m
B: Grainy 2. Malt Wort m
C: Grassy 1. Fresh Leafy n
C: Grassy 2. Dried Mint n
C: Grassy 2. Dried Herbal n
D: Fruity 1. Solventy Nail varnish remover n
D: Fruity 2. Orchard Peaches n
D: Fruity 2. Orchard Pear n
D: Fruity 3. Tropical Banana n
D: Fruity 3. Tropical Melon n
E: Floral 1. Natural Honey n / m
G: Woody Extractive 5. Nutty Almond/marzipan n
G: Woody Extractive 6. Vanilla Ice cream m
G: Woody Extractive 6. Vanilla Cola m
G: Woody Extractive 6. Vanilla Chocolate n / m
G: Woody Extractive 8. Caramel Liquorice n
Nasal effect 2. Drying n

The influence of the Grenache Blanc casks is new to me. I had to be careful not to finish the dram in one go, so I spread it over three tastings. This does mean the impact of the alcohol, with a good mouth coat, I had to do without. So I may have missed some spicy influences.

I am unsure if I like the Grenache Blanc casks influence. I would need to study this dram more to make that call, but unfortunately I am all out. Please note that I did not say this is a bad dram, far from it. This would be excellent to explore Grenache Blanc casks influence further, but for that I would need more of the liquid.

So if you are feeling generous! 😉

Grenache Blanc