As you probably know, and if you did not I am telling you now, I am something of a whisky nerd!

I have been investigating the whisky making process by reading papers, ISO standards, textbooks etc etc,

I do this because this has given me insights I did not have before.

As an engineer I sometimes am confronted with the realisation that I was unaware of not knowing something.

You have probably undergone this same process of becoming aware of something you did not know before.

So, what I am asking you is:

What can I read, learn, do etc to further my whisky knowledge and experience?

Please reply to this post with your feedback.

Thank you!

Feedback received

  • Appreciating Whisky by Phillip Hills is worth a read.
  • https://www.facebook.com/WhiskyMolecules/?fref=nf
  • The Science and Technologies of Whiskies by Piggott et al
  • Whisky: Technology, production and marketing by Russell and Steward. (I have read not the latest but the version before that)