This blog is about a realisation that is so in your face obvious that I had forgotten the obviousness of the realisation. A few months ago I blogged about how Pedre Ximenez Sherry was absolutely vile.

It was so vile that I promised myself to never ever have to experience that again like ever!

Today I got to my local liquor store and got a Buffolo Trace Bourbon. Got to taste a Zuiddam Rum too. It was absolutely beautifull stuff. Anyways, I bought the Buffolo Trace and went grossery shopping. While shopping I realised that the liquor store might be the one place in town, besides supermarkets, to sell Sherry that is any good. I have been wanting to try Olorosso Sherry for a while.

So I trotted back to the liquor store and asked it that had an Olososso. No they did not. The man said :”But since your here, again, try this Sherry. It’s one you might like!”

So he put some in a glass. It was thick! It smelled delicious. I tried some and OMFrigginG!! This stuff is like absolutely frigulisious stupendiously beautiful.

Then the realisation hit me that, just like with whisky, not all Pedro Ximenez Sherry has to suck!

PS: if you are a whisky drinker and have been going on about Sherry Matured whisky’s, but never tasted actual Sherry …than get your behinds to the store and find a bottle of €22,- or more Pedro Ximenez Sherry. It is very educational! If you find a bad one, look further!

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