As a whisky enthusiast you know this issue. Where do you get your samples from? Do you hope distilleries find you and offer to send you samples?  Are you thát well funded that you basically just order the bottle to try? Do you swap samples between other enthusiasts?

Until recently I have been lucky enough that some of my samples have been send by Dutch distributors like Haromex. Compass box has send me two samples in the past. Malt Man Mike has just recently send me three samples of the three second edition Bruichladdich ten year olds.

I normally buy the whiskies I want to develop my palette and investigate some nerdy need. This is naturally limited a budget since I do not have the income to support an unending buying spree.

Where is this blog going? I will tell you right now. What I did not know is that a local liquor store offers samples in the store for tasting. These are in the high end customer section of this store and I plan to keep track of the whiskies that are offered.

I hear you thinking that this is not unique. Other stores offer samples to customers when they get the feeling you might actually buy something. I would say you are correct.

What was new to me is the way the samples are presented.   A climate controlled case has a pump action function and it gets a fixed amount of dram in your glass. A proper tasting glass!

By the dram!
I recently was able to sample a glenfiddish snow Phoenix in this way and currently they have a Talisker 25yo available. These are not the standard run of the barley-mill whiskies!!

The concept is called “by the glass”! I like this concept! The bottles are changed every week and there are two samples to be tasted.


I will keep track of the whiskies that are offered and will pop by if time allows me! I may even blog about my findings!

I may or may not tell you which store it is. I will check with the owners first. It might be they don’t want all kinds of whisky drinkers popping by! ^_^