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iLaddie Whisky Nerd

This blog is not very opinionated. It is in fact quite boring in it’s factuality.

The tools for tasting whisky are off course a whisky, whiskey or a bourbon. Next you need your hands, nose, mouth and eyes. The other thing you need, if you don’t drink from the bottle, is some kind of container.

There is wide debate which glass you need for the best experience. Questions like “What is the best whiskey glass?” or “Is the Norlan Whisky glass better?” or “is a Glencairn the best whisky glass?” This blog is about non of that debate. This blog is about world wide standardisation of a glass, a tasting glass.

The good people of the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) give us all kinds off standards to enjoy reading. Most, in fact all, of the standards on the site are download protected and need to be bought. Luckily for me…

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