We had spotted the spot where Laphroaig cuts its peat. Its on the way from Bowmore to Port Ellen. It just beside the road, but we did not stop there because ones i realised what it was we had past it …

The road from Port Ellen to laphroaig is along the coast. You could do it on foot. There is a walk/bicycle track next to the road that is excellent if you want to walk the distance between the three distilleries.

We drove.

Ones parked at laphroaig we went to the visitor centre. Some of the buildings were in scaffolding. Probably for maintenance. Naturally we would have a selfie with the laphroaig letters on the backdrop.

Laphroaig had two tents set up across from the warehouse to project and broadcast opinions of customers during the dark hours of the day. I had mine broadcast some days before. This is what I had send in via twitter.

@Laphroaig #opinionswelcome “I want to plant my flag in something! Might as well be Peat!”

The video is not working!!

The lady behind the counter explained how and where I could print my square foot plot certificate. So we did. I am a stubborn laddie so I refrained from putting on the wellies. I had my flag, I had my plot. Now all I needed was the gps gismo.

The batteries were dead, so after the kind lady put in new batteries we were good to go. No more words for now. Let the videos do the talking.







What the video is showing is that the field where on can plant the flag is rather …. soggie, muddie, peaty…. one should really wear wellingtons. In the video I am explaining how the location where I planted my flag “really” is the spot shown on the GPS. It isn’t, but I am saying it is ..
After completing the task of planting the Flag we went back to the Distillery for some light shopping.
Plot 745214

Some photo’s

Walking from the parking lott to the visiter center
In front of the sign


Ready to go plant my flag, still clean
Just before going into the field, still dry and clean


My friend indicating how he fits the sofa ..


Planted the Flag “on” my plot.


Some tiles with opinions


In front of the entrance to the visitor center.
One’s back at the shop we got ourselves some beany hats!
Onwards to Lagavulin!
Just before going on to the next blog I would like to mention the excellent charity started by Ben Bowens for a children’s heart surgery Hospital. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/adramaday