I had done what I had promised myself I would do. I had gone to the place that had become a goal in itself. Complete the promise to myself and live by doing stuff of the heart, right now, not later.

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The first selfie I made on the Bruichladdich inner courtyard was one with many emotions going through my mind. I can see the tension in my face.

Emotional Me

The second selfie I made shows I have broad smile and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. The reason for this was a short visit to the shop of Bruichladdich.

Happy me

The second reason we had come to the Bruichladdich distillery strait after landing on Islay was to ask if we could please please please be in the audience for the laddiemp4 micro provenance tasting that would be hosted by Adam Hannett later that day in warehouse 12! So we asked the man behind the counter and while he was pouring us the classic laddies he said he would ask Ailsa. (I’m not explaining who this is, you will have to figure that out for yourselfs).

The shop

While enjoying my dram and raising of it the heavens to toast my late sister and the friendship with my fiend Ailsa met with us.



I was able to plead, just about beg, if we could join the tasting. She would ask Adam and she did. Adam being the fair man that he is was truly sorry, but had to tell us no. We had off course anticipated this answer but we, being boldly Dutch, just had to try. Ailsa totally surprised us with a 200 ml bottle of laddiemp4, cask 16-062, 10 yo, sherry matured. (Yes I had two of these babies now). So we could enjoy it in the hotel while watching the YouTube stream later that day.

After finishing our drams we strolled the shop some more. We would be back two days later for the tour and warehouse tasting. So just a stroll. Time for a photo of the yellow submarine, the blue truck and naturally the casks making up the word Bruichladdich just outside the gates.

Happy friend!

Bruichladdich Cask Sign

Fjodor posing

Me all smiles

we decided on the spot that is was to early yet to go to the Lochside Hotel in Bowmore, so what to do next. Lets see that beautiful beach to the left! Cool, lets do that. So we asked some directions. We got the directions, plus a tip to make sure to use the passing areas along the way to allow upcoming traffic to pass.

Turn left out the Bruichladdich gate. Drive just for a tad till you reach the Kilchoman road sign, turn left and just drive till you reach the end. We learned soon enough that the single lane roads that go to the cute places on Islay are a thing of their own. Tip: use the passing areas. DON’T be tempted to just use, what looks like grass, on the sides of the road. I mean DON’T!! More on this subject on the day two blog!

The kilchoman beach is absolutely stunning in its beauty. Just watch the movie and see for yourself.

After goofing around at the beach for a while we would go to the Lochside Hotel in Bowmore (yes, i am spamming their name!). We were in need of a drink and in need of a meal.

So, naturally when we passed Kilchoman Distillery we looked at the clock. It was 16:45. We still had time. We were here now. We could just walk in and get a feel. Check it out. No tour mind you, we had not planned one but now that we were here, why not!

Just some self explanatory photos of the visit to illustrate the place! It looks amazing!

Kilchoman Distillery

Malt Floor
Malt Floor

Kilchoman Distillery Shop

Kilchoman Distillery

Kilchoman Distillery

Now we would go to the Lochside Hotel in Bowmore. No more side trips !

More in the next blog.