Tasting actual sherry was one of the things I set out to do. I have been blogging about the influence of sherry on a whisky. How better to do this than by tasting and nosing sherry.

First up is a bottle of amontillado medium dry sherry!

Amontillado Sherry
Medium dry tells me there is some sugar in this, but less than PX.
First impression is that this is mush less in your face than a PX I tasted some while back.
I’m trying to get my head around the nose. I do pickup smells I found in bruichladdich MP3 sherry matured spirits. Something siropi. Very slight alcohol tingle. I want to say sultanas. Fruity. Dried fruits. Not sure which ones. (Need more training I guess) can’t spot any nutty tones. Wait! Slight cashew nut.
To get the smell of nuts I buy them unsalted. I smell the whole nut first, usually in the basket I bought them in or “fresh” from the market. Then I crush some in the palm of my hands and smell the crumbs and the oils that are on the palm of my hands.
The taste of this sherry is also way less sugar than the px, which personally i like better. This doesn’t linger long ones I swallow it. Green apple? Bit sour. Drying after swallowing. Something oaky?
This stuff is far from what I like but it’s not as vile as PX. Dryer. Much dryer. I am glad I opened this bottle up and had a taste. It’s not my thing but I did spot some notes I found in whiskies I had. Cool!!
Next up is a “fino” sherry. It’s cooling down in my fridge. Says to do so on the label! Who am I to argue!
A Fino Sherry

The fino sherry I tried over the period of some days. The dry, meaning just about no sugars in there. It’s the freshest sherry I had till now. Fruity like a white wine only than with a fortified taste. I may actually like this! Shockers! The lightness and dryness of this type of sherry almost gives me the feeling that this would only very slightly give whisky a hint of “sherry” notes. Since this sherry is “white” it’s not having any effect on the colour of the whisky, except maybe lighten it. The color that one associates with sherry matured whiskies won’t come from this kind of sherry that’s for sure.

Nice experience so far!