Normally when I do a “hunting for” blog I look up the price levels of a Dram on websites in Holland and some other sites that ship to Holland. 

Right now I’m hunting for the price level for the just released Bruichladdich Octomore 07.4 / 167 ppm Virgin Oak.
I can put information in this blog about this dram, but it is much better if you go look at the source:
At this point in time, 21 of January 2016, the only place that has Octomore 07.4 available for ordering is the online shop. It retails for £151,25 (€198 incl. shipping to Holland)
I will add more site when prices become available! 
First sites to mention a price are:
– €299,-
– €175.- (discount) normally €199,-
Prices are dated on 08-03-2016.

So, for now, the discount price of Drankdozijn is the lowest I can find, but after that ordering at Bruichladdich itself is the best option if one lives in Holland.