Why is Whisky spelled as Whiskey too?

Whisky (plural Whiskies) is used as the official spelling in Scotland.
Whisky is used as the official spelling in Canada.
Whiskey (plural Whiskeys) is used as the official spelling in Ireland and the USA

It is interesting how different languages spell whisky in different ways.

In Dutch it is allowed to use both, but it shows that you know something about Whisky is you use Whisky to tell something about a Scotch. The plural in Dutch is Whisky’s according to the Van Dale dictionary.

In German it is spelled as Whisky with Whiskys as the plural.

In French and Spanish it is spelled as Whisky with Whiskies as the plural.

In Norwegian and Italian the spelling is Whisky for both plural and Singular

In Russian it is another word altogether :  виски [ви́ски] 

To stick to English/American spellings. Is one way of spelling better than the other? Nope! It is just a spelling, but it can help keep track of what your blogging about. So I will be using Whiskey and Whisky to indicate if I am talking about Irish/American Whiskey or not.

Update 24 June 2018

According to USA Federal Law Spelling the USA uses Whisky, not Whiskey as the correct spelling. The blogpost about that can be found here.

USA Spelling is “Whisky”